As part of our mentoring service, we offer an At-Risk Education Curriculum for young people at risk of exploitation who are unable to access standard forms of education. The curriculum is designed to educate students about risk associated with criminal exploitation, County Lines, and gangs. It will raise awareness around CCE, empower students to recognise and minimise risk, develop exit strategies and begin to form foundations for reengagement with mainstream services and educational pathways.

Our mentors utilise the curriculum to teach the young participants how to implement constructive thinking and navigate their decision making within a range of contexts. The young person will begin to develop healthy strategies that will help them overcome obstacles and empower them to redirect their pathways and seek support where there are barriers that require safeguarding.

The curriculum contains an extensive list of topics. Dependant on the time spent with their mentor the young person may complete all the topics or focus on the most relevant ones for their individual needs.

Content Includes:

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