County Lines



Child Criminal Exploitation on the rise, younger generations are increasingly exposed to gang culture and violence through media and in real life. Criminals often take advantage of a child’s lack of understanding. This programme is designed to educate young people about criminal exploitation, and the reality of County Lines. CEG believes that knowledge is power. By keeping young people informed, we reduce the threat of them being manipulated.

This programme encourages young people to consider the consequences of criminal involvement. It teaches them how to recognise signs of danger and manipulation. How to avoid affiliation with criminal gangs, and what to do when a threat presents itself.

CEG mentors incorporate their personal experiences alongside case studies to provide a true insight into CCE. They engage with the participants and encourage them to reflect on relationships and scenarios. They offer one to one support for those who may be in crisis and explore ways to find fulfilment and success outside a life of crime. This programme can be delivered one on one, small groups, and larger classes.

Content Includes:

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