The Kingsway School
The Kingsway SchoolJane Maxey, Assistant Head
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"Incredibly powerful and thought provoking.
I have absolutely no doubts that you resonated with many of our students and I hope provided the final piece of inspiration as they complete their secondary schooling."
Matthew Moss high school
Matthew Moss high schoolNicki Hewson Betts, Behaviour & Learning Mentor
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"Our learners were completely rapt and wholly engaged with the session that CEG provided. They had a big impact on everyone in the room. Honest, open, they related instantly with the learners.'
brownhill learning community
brownhill learning community
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"His CEG mentor made a great deal of difference to Duke. They discussed anxieties, problems, helped him join the right boxing club, it was very motivational for him. Duke became an inspiration to other students!"
Rathbone Training
Rathbone TrainingMike Leyland, N/W School Liaison Officer
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Danny is a truly inspirational speaker who speaks from the heart and from his own difficult experiences, I wish that every young person we work with and every member of staff could hear his powerful message.
sovereign house
sovereign houseLolita Kamayou
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"We appreciated Daniel giving time to come in to share his life experiences with the children in Salford. He was so positive and made a big impact, sharing on the risks associated with getting involved in gangs."

Kyrell's story

Kyrell experienced an extremely challenging childhood while trying to carry his family through their situation.

"Danny showed me that there's more to life. He puts me in the right direction when i feel like i'm slipping off - Danny's always there, he picks me right back up and I keep going".

Tara's story

The victim of Criminal & Sexual Exploitation at age 13. Tara was arrested and taken to a Children's Home.

Then she met her CEG mentor...

duke's story

An amateur boxer with the dream of becoming a pro.

Duke's relationship with CEG mentor Daniel Andrews has guided him towards his passion and continues to provide support along the way...

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